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Character Profile: Joey D Empty Character Profile: Joey D

Post  Joey D on Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:18 am

Name: Joseph KD

Goes By: JD

Age: 25

Gang: Mafia Leader

Favorite Weapon: Desert Eagle (sp+)

Physical Description: Dark grey suit, white undertank, baggy. Black tie. Combed back long hair, dark brown. Matching pants, baggy. White reebok shoes. Fairly bulkey, muscualr. Tall, 6 feet.

Background Story: 5 years of leading in the Underground San Fierro Mafia, and police are onto his motives. Him and his boys are planning to infultrate the SFPD building, and steal weapons for the black market, and their own use. However, even as the "Big Cheese", he is a highly expirenced Hitman. After he steals the guns, the police will be onto him fully, and he must fluidly leave the area and vacate to Los Santos via Private Jet.

Location: San Fierro, San Andreas
Joey D
Joey D

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